Rear Bushing Kit Including Hubs (2015 RZR 900s, Trail)

Rear bushing kit including Hubs for 2015 RZR 900s XC and Trail. CNC machined from oil filled UHMW and high quality steel pins. Sealed with an O ring to keep mud and water out. Contents can vary from picture but you will receive a full rear bushing kit.  

This kit fits build dates before 3/1/15 that uses a 15mm socket / wrench on the lower hub bolt. 


If you have any questions please e-mail us.


    Price INCLUDES shipping.

    USPS Priority mail 2 to 3 business days. 


    To install your bushings we recommend using a rubber mallet to tap the bushings and pins in or a vice with blocks of wood to keep from damaging the bushing.  


    On your stock bolts we recommend applying some grease or anti-sieze to the shaft of the bolt (not the threads) this will keep the bolt from corroding and seizing up if you ever need to remove the A arm. 


    If the location of the bushing does not have a grease zerk apply grease to the pin and the inside of the bushing. On the locations with grease fittings you should pump grease till you feel resistance and stop.  You can try to pump grease periodically but they should not take any if much.

  • Lifetime Warranty

    Lifetime warranty on bushing kits.
    Terms of Warranty:
    Item must have been purchased   directly                                                   from us to the original buyer.                                                                      Bushings must have grease when installed.
     Warranty does not cover damage from a crash, hitting a tree, running off a cliff or any other type of hard hit.
    Defective bushing and pin MUST be sent back to us to test and inspect. A copy of your original invoice / sales receipt MUST be sent with the item as well.
    Buyer will be responsible for paying shipping for the newly exchanged items being sent back to the buyer.


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