XP1000, Turbo, 900s 1000s Retrofit kit

2017 & up 


This kit is for those of you that have a 2017 & up XP1000, Turbo, 900s, 1000s that have upgraded your Lower A-arms to some of the popular aftermarket options (Special Carriers, ORB, SATV) but you are still using the Stock Upper A-arms. This kit will take care of the problem areas of the OEM bushings in the Upper A-arms and will outfit your aftermarket Lowers with the 2014-2016 style bushings. 


Price $120 shipped.

  • Lifetime Warranty

    Lifetime warranty on bushing kits.
    Terms of Warranty:
    Item must have been purchased   directly                                                   from us to the original buyer.                                                                      Bushings must have grease when installed.
     Warranty does not cover damage from a crash, hitting a tree, running off a cliff or any other type of hard hit.
    Defective bushing and pin MUST be sent back to us to test and inspect. A copy of your original invoice / sales receipt MUST be sent with the item as well.
    Buyer will be responsible for paying shipping for the newly exchanged items being sent back to the buyer.


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