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Kawasaki KRX Drive Shaft Bearing Housing
  • Kawasaki KRX Drive Shaft Bearing Housing

    Kawasaki KRX Drive Shaft Housing Bearing. 

    CNC Machined Housing with a Timken Sealed Bearing. 

    Advantages of Our Unit: 

    The OEM unit relies on 2 seals on each end to keep water and mud out which prematurely fails and corrodes the Drive Shaft and Bearing.   This in result causes the seal to not properly seal on the shaft after the corrosion occurs. We use a high quality sealed Timken Bearing and then machine drain holes into the bottom of the housing so excess water and mud can properly drain out. 

    *Includes Shaft Retaining Compound*

    *Price Includes Shipping*

    *Industry Leading 2 Year Warranty*


    Directions: Loosen and remove pinch bolts on drive shaft.
    Remove 4 bolts on the bottom of the front differential, Slide the differential forward. Slide the drive shaft forward. Remove the bolts holding the OEM carrier in place. Some penetrating oil and persuasion may be needed but the rear stub shaft will separate out of the splines from the connector to the transmission.
    Clean the Stub shaft with brake cleaner and scotchbrite. (If it is damaged too badly you may consider replacing). Use the supplied Green shaft retaining compound between bearing and shaft. Reinstall front snap ring (Let it cure for 24hrs before riding). Reinstall the carrier and drive shaft. There is an access panel on the passenger side footwell to aid in getting the drive shaft back on the front differential.
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