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KRX wheel center caps (2020 & UP)
  • KRX wheel center caps (2020 & UP)

    Kawasaki KRX Center Caps. (For 2020 & UP)

    Don’t waste your money on those oem plastic caps that will not stay put, keep falling out, and get lost. We have the fix! CNC Machined; Anodized; then placed back on the CNC for Contrast Cuts. Once you put these on, you will not have that odd wheel or two without a cap on it; that always catches your eye when out on the trail!  We have an easy fix that will make your machine look fancy and new.  Our caps will stay put!  Take a hammer to them, bump them up against a rock, a tree, or get stuck in a rut… they are not going anywhere!

    Price is 4 caps. 

    • Special note on install.

      You will need a heavy set of snap ring pliers to install the snap ring on the back side of the wheel. Also, due to varrying wide tolerances on  some OEM wheels you may have to sand the poweder coat off of the inside of the wheel where the cap slides in.  

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