Polaris Ranger XP front bushing kit

Front bushing kit 

Polaris Ranger XP 570, 900, 1000 


$112.00 Shipped 

  • Installation Instructions

    To install your bushings we recommend using a rubber mallet to tap the bushings and pins in or a vice with blocks of wood to keep from damaging the bushing.  


    On your stock bolts we recommend applying some grease or anti-sieze to the shaft of the bolt (not the threads) this will keep the bolt from corroding and seizing up if you ever need to remove the A arm. 


    If the location of the bushing does not have a grease zerk apply grease to the pin and the inside of the bushing. On the locations with grease fittings you should pump grease till you feel resistance and stop.  You can try to pump grease periodically but they should not take any if much.

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