RZR Carrier bearing XP1000, 900s,1000s, General
  • RZR Carrier bearing XP1000, 900s,1000s, General

    Polaris RZR Drive Shaft Carrier Bearing CNC Machined, Made in the U.S.A.


    Features: Corrects the drive line angles in order to free up the drive train and help prevent twisted drive shafts and excessive u-joint wear.


    True vibration isolation mounts in order to help absorb vibration.


    Sealed premium quality bearing that is larger than OEM and other aftermarket options for longer service life.


    Zinc plated hardware for corrosion resistance.


    Included thread locker and shaft retaining compound.


    Fits, XP1000, Highlifter,  900s, 900XC, 1000s, General


    $228 Shipped


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