RZR XP 1000 (front) Walker Evans shock bushing kit
  • RZR XP 1000 (front) Walker Evans shock bushing kit

    Fits 2014 & Up

    Eliminate that annoying squeak and creak from your front shocks of your XP1000 with Walker Evans shocks at a fraction of the price of replacing the spherical bearings.


    Pros: Less than half the price as OEM and does not squeak.

    Cons: Unlike our A-Arm bushings these will not last as long as OEM.



    Remove shock, remove the 2 snap rings holding in the spherical bearing, press out the bearing, press our bushing in, apply some grease to the inside of the bushing then press the steel pin into the bushing. 

    $85.00 Shipped USPS Priority mail. 


        We are still shipping every day but shipping is delayed because of COVID-19.