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Wheel Bearing Punch/Press Tool
  • Wheel Bearing Punch/Press Tool

    This is one of the most important tools you can carry with your machine. This tool allows you to remove and install your wheel bearing trailside easily.  It is quick, and easy to do and will be done the right way in approximately 15 mins or less. The bearing tool works on all Polaris 44mm bearings. This tool allows you to remove and install the wheel bearings by catching the wheel bearing on the outer race instead of pressing on the inner race and brinelling the balls into the races which causes premature bearing failure. This tool has built-in grooves that align with the bearing carrier which allows the wheel bearing to go in straight. Use this tool in your press or have it with you on the trail where you can use the included punch to remove and install a new bearing quickly and easily. $85.00 Shipped USPS Priority Mail

    • User Tip

      Wear leather gloves and use a propane torch to heat the outside of the bearing carrier up. This will make the metal expand and aid in easy removal of the old bearing and prevent damage to the tool. 

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